Practical Information

Practical Information


Registration can only be done electronically/online until 1 May
(16 May) 2020.

See under Registration


Payment for participation can be made with various payment cards.  When registration is complete, a receipt is received on the screen and after about

2-5 minutes a confirmation email will be received with the registration information.



If you cancel within the period 1 January to 16 May 2020 the entire amount will be refunded.

If you cancel after 16 May 2020, 50% of the amount will be refunded.

All refunds take place after the conference from 17 August 2020 via your payment card.

In case of cancellation due to injury or serious illness, any notification of compensation for the amount paid, should be reported to your own personal insurance/travel insurance.


Y’s men International Convention

incl. Danish Regional Conference
13 - 16 August

Registration 1 January up to and

incl. 1 May 2020  3.300,00 DKK

Registration 2 May up to and

incl. 16 May 2020  3.800,00 DKK

Prices include:

•  Conference facilities

•  All meals (except breakfast)

•  One of the 7 optional tours on Saturday.
   When choosing tour No. 1 to Egeskov
   Castle however a supplement of
   150,00 DKK is payable.


International Youth Convocation

10 - 16 August

Registration 1 January up to and

incl. 1 May 2020  3.500,00 DKK

Registration 2 May up to and

incl. 16 May 2020  4.000,00 DKK

Prices include:

• Conference facilities

• 6 nights

• All meals

• Various events and excursions

Region Denmark Regional Conference

15 - 15 August

Conference fee (members)

200,00 DKK

Conference fee (non members)

300,00 DKK


Saturday - payable on option:

Coffee before the General Assembly 25,00 DKK

Lunch buffet 195,00 DKK

Gala Dinner/-evening incl. 1 bottle water 450,00 DKK


If you choose one of the 7 excursions on Saturday the price is 300.00 DKK

When choosing excursion 1 to Egeskov Castle there is a supplement of
150.00 DKK

Prices are incl. transport by bus or boat, admission tickets, guided tours, sandwiches + 1 water.

Note: Participants going on one of the tours and not participating in the general assembly, shall not order coffee or lunch buffet.



Package price (coffee morning, sandwich, 1 bottle water) 180,00 DKK



Danish General Assembly

Participation in only the Danish General
Assembly free of charge.



Free ice water during the day. Other beverages can be purchased for meals.

Forum Sessions

Participation in Forum Sessions must be booked together with the registration.

You may choose 1 of the following 4 sessions on Friday 14 August

see description

Session 1  Y’s Men - a movement

                   on the move

Session 2  Smile and Community

Session 3  Y’s Men and the World Goals

Session 4  Diaconia in Denmark

                   and the world


You must also opt for a 2nd priority, as some of the conference rooms have limited capacity.


Tours must be booked together with registration. You may choose one of the following 7 tours on Saturday 15 August

See descriptions 


Tour No. 1  Egeskov Castle

Tour No. 2  In H.C. Andersen’s Footsteps

Tour No. 3  The Funen Village

Tour No. 4  CLAY Museum of Art and
                    Hindsgavl Castle

Tour No. 5  Cattle Farm Christiansborg

Tour No. 6  Jelling - City of the Kings of
                    the Vikings

Tour No. 7  The Johannes Larsen


 If you choose one of the tours 2-7, you must have a second option, as some of these places have limited capacity,


If you choose tour No. 1 Egeskov Castle you do not need a second option.

Tours on your own Friday


For companions not participating in the events Y’s Men’s events on the Friday, the location of the conference place in the center of Odense City, will give them lots of opportunities for many exciting tours on their own.

Whether they would like to explore Odense Flower Festival, go hunting for Hans Christian Andersen sculptures, visit some of the old churches in Odense, visit an art museum, enjoy the atmosphere along Odense Å (river) or the old part of the city, and just walk through the cosy café- and shopping streets - then the BUREAU will be open during entire conference with ideas and suggestions for an exciting “day off”, where mid day you all can meet for lunch at the Odeon Foyer.



During the World Convention it will be possible to exhibition and sale. A special area has been reserved for this in the Foyer of Odense Koncerthus, where clubs and collaborators can have a table made available.


Only articles related to your clubs’ activities, which might inspire other clubs, are ermitted for display.  If you have good ideas that can inspire other clubs, you may show these. All exhibitions are at your own risk.

Note: Setting up your exhibition may not take place until Thursday at 7.30 hrs., and it should be removed at the very latest Sunday right after the closing ceremony.

Reservation of tables must take place as early as possible and before 1st June 2020. 

Find a contact person under “Contact”.


What to do in case of emergency or accident?

Call 7011 0707

for doctor or emergency ward in case of injury or acute illness.  If you need to speak to a doctor, you always have to phone, before you go to the emergency ward at OUH. (Odense University Hospital)

Call 112 for emergency such as life threatening illness or injury.



Questions concerning the conference and contact to the BUREAU during the conference.

See under “Contact”


The BUREAU will be open:

Wednesday  12/8    17.00 - 20.00 hrs.

Thursday      13/8    09.00 - 21.00 hrs.

Friday           14/8    08.00 - 24.00 hrs.

Saturday       15/8    08.00 - 24.00 hrs.

Sunday         16/8    08.00 - 13.00 hrs.








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