Theme and logo

Theme and logo

Theme and logo

Y’s Men International Convention 2020 takes place in the worldfamous fairytale poet Hans Cristian Andersen’s birthplace of Odense, Denmark.

The conference logo is a combination of Y’s Men International's logo and a circle, emblazoned with Hans Christian Andersen’s silhouette with his distinctive high hat. 

The circle symbolizes the globe and thus emphasizes that it is an international conference in the world-famous poet’s birthplace.


Hans Christian Andersen once stated  

“To be of benefit to the world is the only way to be happy” 

The idea behind the words fits in well with the goal of the Y’s Men clubs to do something for others and thus help to create a better world.  That is why we have chosen this quote as the motto of the conference.


At all events, as far as possible, tere will be a link to something adventurous engaging and touching.

Therefore, the call to all Y’s Men sounds:

“Join and be part of the adventure"

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