RD - Bjarne Hyldgård

Welcome to Funen

On behalf of Region Denmark it is a great honour for me to welcome Y´s Men with spouse/companion from near and far to this World Convention/Regional Convention in August 2020 in Odense, Denmark.

We are a small country in Northern Europe, but also a country, which historically and in several other ways is larger than our population indicates. Geographically Greenland and the Faroe Islands are part of Denmark, we are going from the inland ice and icebergs in the north to the ”butter hole” Odense, situated in the middle of the lush Funen nature surrounded by rolling cornfields, orchards, and beautiful castles. This was the starting point for our world famous fairy tale poet, Hans Christian Andersen, and this will be the starting point
of a hopefully adventurous World Convention.

There are many things that are small in Denmark, our highest ”mountain” does not even reach 175 meters, our population only counts just over 5 million inhabitants,

but there is much we are proud of. For example, we are an active association country: church, sport, socially and humanitarian organizations etc.
We are the country in the world that has far the most Y´s Men in terms of population.  

We are looking forward to seeing you in Odense, meeting well known faces, making new friendships with Y´s Men from far and near.  Get inspiration for our club life, inform each other of the various ways to live an active Y´s Men’s club life, get international insight and vision. We are a unique organization uniting a Christian foundation of life with activities for people who need our help, directly or indirectly by supporting with funds. We support and cooperate with youth organizations, not least YMCA, as a way to create a better world also for our children and grandchildren. At the same time, we inspire each other to support and develop one another to have a productive community life in our clubs, districts, regions, area, and now also at   international level.

Your host committee has been busy organizing and preparing everything in cooperation with the region and at the international level, and is pleased to welcome you to Odense.

Do not miss this opportunity. Welcome to Odense.

RD Danmark

Bjarne Hyldgård

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