IPIP Jennifer Jones

"Thank you, Danish members, for hosting

this International Convention"

Dear Y’s Leaders, Members and Friends,

It gives me great pleasure to send you greetings on this important occasion, the 74th International Convention of Y’s Men International (YMI), here in Odense, Denmark. It is a privilege to be writing to you after a year which has offered many highlights, challenges and much sadness. This International Convention will provide opportunities for us to remember our beloved leader and friend, PIPE
Poul-Henrik Hove Jacobsen. I trust that efforts made in the journey of YMI
towards 2022, will honour his memory.

Last year was a significant turning point for YMI, with the first Regional Directors’ Elect Summit being held in our birthplace at Toledo, Ohio, USA. This event provided an opportunity for young leaders to be exposed to international input, friendship and fellowship. I look forward to seeing the outcomes from this event in the future. As we actively engage in “Challenge 22” and focus on the ways we can reshape and rebuild our movement, let us strive towards celebrating our achievements, not only in our centenary in 2022 but here in Odense where many milestones that have been achieved already, can also be celebrated.

It will be an honour to meet Legacy Project donors who are attending this event and who have helped YMI to achieve some of these goals already. Look out for new members to YMI so you can meet them too.

We are honoured that YMCA leaders and members have found time out of busy schedules to attend this event and we look forward to working together on collaborative projects which make a difference in the lives of many others. Much impetus for growth in YMI has been spawned at YMCA 175, where many contacts were made that have helped in chartering new clubs in many different countries.

It is a joy to visit this beautiful country where one of the strongest Regions in YMI is found. Thank you, Danish members, for hosting this International Convention; I am most confident that it will be well-organised, very informative and inspiring and also lots of fun. Hans Christian Andersen once said, “To travel is to live!” Let us bring the YMI world closer in time spent with each other at this great event.

With best regards and blessings,

IPIP Jennifer Jones

Immediate Past International President

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