ICCC20 Henry Grindheim

Welcome to Y's Men from all over the world

Dear Y’s Men from all over the world.

As Chairman of the International committee it is a great pleasure and also my honour to invite you to participate in the International Convention 2020 which takes place from 13-16 August 2020 in the city of Odense in Denmark.

Odense is a beautiful and exciting city located at the island of Fyn with a pleasant climate during the month of August.

We will be together for a significant event , as we shall be able to join together in fun and fellowship. Furthermore, we shall renew old friendships and make new ones through enjoying various Convention activities besides exploring  the culture and the activities in this charming city.

Several committees are now faithfully carrying out their responsibilities and preparing to their utmost to make this convention successful. Y’s Men Region Denmark has a long experiencie in preparing and hosting big international events for Y’s Men coming from all over the world. Denmark and the city of Odense is also easy to reach from all parts of the world. There are frequent intercontinental flights from many big airports all over the world to Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, and from the airport there are frequent trains running to Odense, a train journey which takes about one hour. Another big airport, Billund, which is located about one hour away from Odense by bus, handles flights from many European airports.

Kindly read the invitation, study the programme and prepare yourself for a once in a lifetime experience inspired by the fairy tale world made famous by the Danish story teller Hans Christian Andersen.

You will come back from Denmark filled with a lot of happy memories, inspired by the friendship, the beautiful nature and the spirit you will have by meeting the Danish Y’s Men.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Denmark in August 2020.

Henry J Grindheim

HCCC of the IC 2020 committee

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