Borgmester Peter Rahbæk Juel

Welcome to Odense

Welcome to Odense!


This is the first time Odense has the pleasure of welcoming members of Y’s Men’s clubs from around the world, and we are very happy that the Y’s Men’s clubs have chosen Odense as the venue for your international conference.

Odense’s history stretches back more than a thousand years: From the Viking castle on Nonnebakken on the outskirts of the city centre to the present day where new neighborhoods are rising, drawing the city into the 21st century with innovation, an internationally leading robotics industry and drive.

Odense has a lot to offer and I hope the many participants from all over the world will take the time to enjoy our city. Whether you enjoy pleasant café visits, a shopping trip down the pedestrian streets, a visit to a museum or a scenic walk along the river, Odense offers something unique.

And Odense is something very special. We are a fairy tale city. The city where Hans Christian Andersen was born. As you approach Hans Christian Andersen’s house, you walk through the old, historic district, and it almost feels like a journey back in time or into a fairy tale - with cobbled streets, well-preserved townhouses and beautiful old street lights. In the old streets, it is not hard to imagine that you are in 19th century Odense (and the contrast to the new neighborhood just around the corner is striking.)


I hope the Y’s Men’s clubs have some great days here in Odense and look forward to welcoming you at ODEON this summer.


Peter Rahbæk Juel

Mayor of Odense.

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