Become a part of the fairytale

Look forward to August 2020. Together with Y’s Men from all over the world you are invited to be part of an adventurous world convention right in the heart of Odense.

Y’s Men International Denmark look forward to welcoming you to Denmark, the greatest, small kingdom of Scandinavia.

A country where you are always close to the sea or a charming paved alley.

A country where history meets innovation. A country in which - no matter where you go - it will be as if you are in the middle of a fairytale.

Y's Men international Convention nr. 74  13. - 16. aug. See Program

Region Danmark Regionskonference 15. - 16. aug. See Program

International Youth Convocation 10. - 16. aug. See Program

"Thank you, Danish members, 

for hosting this International 


IPIP Jennifer Jones

Past International President


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"Welcome to Y’s Men from 

all over the world"

Henry J Grindheim

HCCC of the IC 2020 committee

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"Welcome to Denmark"

RD - Bjarne Hyldgård

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"Welcome to Funen"

HCC - Torben Severinsen

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"Welcome to Odense"

Peter Rahbæk Juel

Mayor of Odense

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