Tour  No. 1

Egeskov Slot (castle)

(Additional price for this tour DKK 150,00)

Experience the Breath of History 

EGESKOV is one of the finest renaissance castles in Europe with a real moat, knights hall, and thrill in the thick walls. The wings of history are felt everywhere in the old castle, where the family of Count Michael Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille lives.

The park around EGESKOV is an adventure in itself. Here you will find 7 kilometers of hedges, 1200 different Fuchsias, and a lovely smell from the many flower beds. In the garden you will find one of the last working manor gardens, still open to the public.

Explore EGESKOV’s exciting exhibitions equally for children and adults. Here you can see King Christian Xs Cadillac, a large number of “flying motor cycles”, the dollhouse “Titania’s Palace”, which took 15 years to build - and much, much more.

Start: Bus from Odense to Egeskov

Duration: About 5 1/2 hours

Tour  No. 2

In Hans Christian Andersen’s Footsteps


Get insight into Hans Christian Andersen’s life in Odense with a guided walk in the center of Odense. Come and see his many paper cuttings, the poor circumstances he was born under, the garden he dreamt of, and the church where he had his confirmation.


The tour consists of a city walk with a visit to the

Hans Christian Andersen Museum

Hans Christian Andersen’s birthplace

Hans Christian Andersen’s home as a child

The Cathedral


Start:  Sortebrødre Torv

Duration: Approximately 4 hours

Tour  No. 3 

The Funen Village

See Odense from the water sailing down Odense Å (small river).  A walk through Fruens Bøge (Our Lady’s Beeches) takes us to the Funen Village, a village from the days of H.C. Andersen. Here you can learn, how most people lived back in the 18th century.

The the river boat takes us back to the city.

Start: Odense Aafart

Duration:  Approximately 4 hours

Tour  No. 4  

CLAY Museum of Art
and Hindsgavl Castle

CLAY Museum of Art in Middelfart is one of the main European museums for ceramic art, craft, and design. Here are various temporary exhibitions of Danish and International ceramic art, and you will also find the historical collection of porcelain, faiance, and stoneware from the three famous factories: Royal Copenhagen: Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory, Bing and Grøndahl, and Aluminia.

The dialogue between the modern and the historic is not only reflected in the collections, but also in the exhibitions and the architecture of the museum.

On our way back we will stop at Hindsgavl Castle, where you will be able to enjoy one of the country’s most well preserved castle parks with a view to Fænøsund and the nearby animal park.


Start: Bus from Odense to Middelfart

Duration: 4 1/2 hours

Tour  No. 5

Tour to Christiansborg Cattle Farm

Christiansborg is a cattle farm with approximately 500  dairy cows with associated breeding, just about a total of 1000 cows. It takes 9 milking robots to milk the cows. Danish farming produces some of the World’s   finest foods, known and appreciated in major parts of the World. Danish foods are produced under very strict requirements for safety and animal welfare.


Start: Bus from Odense to Ørbæk

Duration: About 4 hours

Tour  No. 6

Jelling - City of the Kings
of the Vikings

The Story of the Times when Danes became Christians

 In Jelling, carved in stone, we find Denmark’s birth certificate in form of the two Jelling stones. At the same time we get the story of the vikings. Today Jelling is acknowledged as part of UNESCO’s world heritage.

Here was the center of power assembled. Harald Blåtand (Blue Tooth) raised the largest of the two rune stones in memory of his parents, Gorm den Gamle and Queen Thyra. Harald also built two burial mounds there, and the very first Christian church.

Gorm and Harald’s family has been on the Danish throne ever since. The traces of Gorm and Harald mark the birth of the Danish kingdom. The Christ figure from Harald’s rune stone
is well known by all Danes as our passport carry an illustration of it.

From the roof terrasse you have a perfect view of the construction of the viking age royal city. Through the digital binoculars you can look into the past and see, how Jelling looked like about 1.000 years ago. At the place where the royal estate and the first Christian wooden church once were situated, you will find Jelling church, built in the 1100s. At the very spot as Harald designated for his first Christian shrine.


Start: Bus from Odense to Jelling

Duration: About 7 hours

Tour  No. 7

Johannes Larsen Museum
in Kerteminde


Johannes Larsen (1867-1961) Danish painter and printmaker; born in Kerteminde, where he lived most of his life.

Depictions of Danish landscape and wildlife, especially the birds, forms a large part of his production, characterized by fine sense of lighting, solid decorative structure, and care for details.

The Johannes Larsen Museum opened in 1986. The following year the studio was restored and opened to the public.


Start: Bus from Odense to Kerteminde

Duration: About 4 hours

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