Y's Men International Convention 2020


Lars Kolind

Lars Kolind, Chairman of World Scouting, the largest leadership training programme in the world. 

World Scouting trains 51 million young people in 170 countries, and until now more than 600 million adults have completed the scouting training. Lars Kolind will explain the “secret sauce/source”of World Scouting, why he and millions of other World leaders proudly refer to World Scouting as the key to their success, in business as well as in life as such. He will relate the purpose of Y’s Men to scouting and inspire us to do more, which will be no surprise when you know Kolind.

Tommy Krabbe

Tommy Krabbe is Denmark’s largest capacity when it comes to lectures about social capital, changes, enthusiasts, and well-being within organizations. As a lecturer he is full of power and points, and not hiding behind an endless series of PowerPoints.

He is a clear example himself of the energy and inspiration that features a fiery enthusiast, and it comes across to the audience. 

Under the headline “Bring Curiosity Back” Tommy Krabbe will give us courage and inspiration to meet tomorrows challenges within an organization close to its 100th anniversary.

Johs. Nørregaard Frandsen

Johs. Nørregaard Frandsen, Professor of literature and cultural sciences and Director of the H.C. Andersen Center at Odense University.

He has written or contributed to several books and articles, and since 1980 he has given lectures about rural culture, literature and languages. Some might know him from his weekly columns in the Danish newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad.

Johs. Nørregaard Frandsen is an expert on H.C.Andersen and a skilled narrator. For our World Convention he will prepare a special lecture

“I Belong to The World” - H.C. Andersen and the fairy tale.

Henrik Stubkjær

Henrik Stubkjær is Bishop of Viborg diocese and former chairman of Danske Kirkers Råd (Danish Churches Council). Prior to that amongst others he has been Secretary General of Folkekirkens Nødhjælp DanChuchAid and principal of the Diaconal College in Aarhus.

He is a man with a high ability of organization and with a very wide network both at home and abroad. He is well respected and deeply committet to life of church  both in his diocese and in all of Denmark.
He also has an ability of cooperation in a wider sense with churches, church organizations, and other actors within civil society.

At present Henrik Stubkjær has accepted the chairmanship of LVFs
(Det Lutherske Verdensforbund) World Service Committee, which is responsible for 75 million members.

It is a great honor that Henrik Stubkjær has accepted to give the principal speech for us on Saturday evening.

Tine Lindhardt

Tine Lindhardt is Bishop of Fyens Stift (Funen diocese). Prior to that she has been the vicar of several churches, the latest one was Fredens Kirke in Odense.

Further more she has been the host and organizer of Denmark’s Radio’s “People and Faith” programme and Secretary General of Det Danske Bibelselskab (the Danish Bible Society), where she helped translate and publish a modern Danish version of the New Testament: “The new Agreement”.

Tine Lindhardt lectures about church, culture, Bible, and society, and has published several articles and books on those subjects. She advocates for cultural Christianity and to lower the threshold of the church.

We are very pleased that Tine Lindhardt will conduct the evening song at the World Convention in Odense Cathedral and our final service in the Odeon.

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