Fora Sessions

Y's Men International Convention 2020

4 Exciting Forum Sessions

Participation in the Forum Sessions must be ordered together with the registration and signing in.

You can chose 1 of the following 4 Forum Sessions on Friday the 14/8.

Forum Session 1

Y’s Men - a movement on the move?

By Erling Birkbak

Chairman of Region Denmark’s thinktank


The purpose of the thinktank is to come up with proposals to renewal
of the Y’s Men movement. Also in 2025 and onwards we would like to appear as an attractive and vibrant movement, attracting and maintaining members, who actively live out the purpose of the movement, locally as well as regionally.

Challenge 22

Challenge 22 is the operational plan for strengthening our movement. 
It includes strategic steps for an extension of up to 50.000 club members in 3.000 clubs and 100 countries before 2022. In this session we shall look at the club’s development opportunities and the strategic steps to reach the goals of Challenge 22.


Join us and get inspiration to develop your own club
- a movement on the move

Forum Session 2

Smiles and community go hand in hand

Ulrik Lauridsen

AP Area Europe


The smile is the shortest distance between two people - and this short distance can give you a life long friendship with just anyone


      “I feel that life starts with a smile

      Without a smile no joy

      Without joy no love

      Without love no faith

      And without faith no life”


-so join in and let me test all of you, to see how alive you are!

Forum Session 3

Y’s Men and the World Goals

Peter Fischer-Møller

Bishop of Roskilde diocese


Y’s Men will contribute to handing over a better world to the next generation. Therefore we focus on UN’s World Goals for sustainable development seen in relation to our own aid programs.


The following 3 subjects, with which Y’s Men are working, might be connected to the World Goals:


• Eliminate poverty and stop hunger

• Quality education

• Partnership for action


Participate and become wiser at Y’s Men and the World Goals !

Forum Session 4

Diaconia in Denmark and the World

By Jens Maibom Pedersen

Principal of the Diaconal College


Jens Maibom Pedersen gives a presentation of the many challenges
of diaconia - for joint conversation and debate - and informs on the International Line of the Diaconal College.


“Diaconia - courage to see the world as it is.”


“You need the courage to see the world, as it is - and pay attention to what you do not immediately see”.


This forum session captures the nature of diaconia and its impact history - and tries to give a series of suggestions on what the future of diaconia will look like.


When it is not all about what you get out of life - but what you can bring into it, the long steady pulls of diaconia has to start here.


Participate and learn more about the importance of diaconia!

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