Y's Men International Convention 2020


Adventure with The H.C. Andersen Parade

At an adventurous world convention in Odense Torben Iversen with the H.C.Andersen Parade is indispensable.

We need Torben Iversen as H.C. Andersen to welcome the delegates of the convention in our presentation film for the World Convention in Odense. At the last evening of the convention he will, as Compere, tie the various parts of the program together. During the dinner Saturday evening the children will perform small tableaux at the tables, and at the beginning of the evening they shall be present at Odeon Store Scene.

Den Fynske Opera

Since 1948 Den Fynske Opera has been an important part of Odense’s entertainment.

The director of the opera, Thomas Storm, states that he would like to produce and develop new operas, but also is of the opinion, that going to the opera should be easy.

At our convention 2 opera singers and a pianist shall entertain our guests with a light repetoire of international well known and beloved pieces of music. A few of the songs will relate to H.C. Andersen.

Bring your handkerchief - there will be tears!

Allingham Dance Team

The final part of the Saturday entertainment will be the young dancers from the Allingham Dance Team. They will show a tremendous dance,
of course the theme will also be one of H.C. Andersen’s fairy tales.

With fantastic costumes and modern hip hop dancing they will show
that fairy tales still are alive at H.C. Andersen’s birthplace.

Approximately 20 studens of various ages will perform in this piece specially composed for the occasion.

Cirkus Flik-Flak

Cirkus Flik-Flak is situated in Odense and directed by Tommy Hardam together with a group of dedicated volunteers. 

The purpose of the organisation is to give children and youngsters a positive experience with circus activities, and also, if possible to strengthen and help them during their free time. They practice on
Tuesdays and Wednesdays all year round.  Everybody from the age of 7 years can join. During all holiday periods there are circus activities for members of Cirkus Flik-Flak.

During their performance we will see their joy of training by showing us what they have achieved together to give us a good show.


Fællesklang Odense started up in spring 2018 and is conducted by Choir Leader Karen Louise Clausen, Cand.Mag. in music and English. The choir is a sister-choir to Fællesklang Aarhus . One of Denmark’s largest youth choirs.

Everybody between 18 - 35 years can join Fællesklang Odense, which is a cooperation with YMCA and YWCA, Odense. Each Tuesday 90 - 100 young singers enjoy the pleasure of practicing in Munkebjerg Kirke (church), Odense.

Betty and Peter Arendt

Many Y’s Men will recognize Betty and Peter Arendt when they entertain at the Y’s Men International Convention 2020 in Odense.

Betty and Peter have entertained at many ecclesiastical events, and they shall be present during the entire World Convention.
We are looking forward to hearing their international church music from all over the World.

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