Programme - Y's Men International Convention 2020

Thursday 13th August


09.00               The bureau opens for signing-in (also open Wednesday 12/8 at 17.00 - 20.00)

12.00               Lunch

13.00               Introduction and Entertainment in Odeon Store Sal

                        Opening Ceremony and flag parade

                        Opening speeches and introduction of International Executive Officers (IEO)                                                   

15.00               Coffee and Tea Break

15.50               Main Speaker, Professor Johs. Nørregaard Frandsen

                       “I belong to the World” H.C. Andersen and the Fairy Tale

16.45              Time on your own

18.00              Dinner - 2 course menu in Odeon

19.00              Evening Entertainment in Odeon Store Sal

                       Introduction and Greetings

                       Entertainment: "Fællesklang” choir - Part 1

                       The Main Speaker of the evening, Lars Kolind, Chairman of the World Scout
                       Foundation, Professor and Series Contractor

                       Entertainment: "Fællesklang” choir - Part 2

21.15              Evocative Walk to Odense Cathedral with Torchlight

22.00 - 22.45  Evening song in Odense Cathedral - Bishop Tine Lindhardt



Friday 14th August


08.45              Morning Service in Odeon Store Sal by Dean Keld Balmer Hansen

09.15-15.50    Time at leisure for partners/companions not participating in the
                       Y’s Men’s arrangements.Get ideas and proposals for tours in the BUREAU

09.20              Report of the International Secretary General (ISG)

10.15              Coffee and Tea Break

10.35              Plenary Meeting with Presentation of BF-Delegates 
                       Awards and donations.
                       Reports from YMCA and YWCA and others

12.00              Introduction to 4 different Y’s Men Forum Sessions

12.30              Lunch in Odeon Foyer at 1st and 2nd level

13.30              Forum Sessions in various Meeting Rooms in Odeon Conference Centre

                       Session 1 Y’s Men a Movement in Motion?

                       Session 2 Smile and Fellowship

                       Session 3 Y’s Men and the World Goals

'                       Session 4 Diakonia in Denmark and the World

15.30              Coffee and Tea Break

16.00              Area meetings in various Meeting Rooms:

                       Asia South Pacific / Korea / Europe / Canada Caribbean / USA /
                       Africa / Latin America / India

18.00              Dinner - 2 course menu

19.00              Evening entertainment in Odeon Store Sal

                       Presentation of the Evening’s Programme

                       IPE informs

                       Pep Talk by Tommy Krabbe “Bring Curiosity Back”

                       Cirkus Flik-Flak

                       Performance by the Participants of the Youth Convocation

                       Evening prayers by the Participants of the Youth Convocation

22.00-00.00    Music and Dancing from Round Scene in Odeon Foyer
                       with the “Los
Trios” Band

Saturday 15th August

08.00             The Bureau opens for Signing-in to the Regional Conference

09.00              Morning Service in Odeon Store Sal by Y’s Men and Vicar Carl Hertz-Jensen
09.20              Tours for Foreign and Danish Participants with packed lunch

09.45              Coffee and Tea Break

10.00-15.30   General Assembly for Y’s Men International Region Denmark

12.00-13.00   Lunch for everybody in Odeon Foyer

                      (There will be an Intermission of the General Assembly during the Lunch Break)

15.30             Coffee and Tea Break

                      Gala Evening

17.30             Gala Dinner - 3 course menu

20.00             Entertainment in Odeon Store Sal

                      H.C. Andersen (Torben Iversen) Introduces the Evening’s Programme

                       Principal Speech - Bishop Henrik Stubkjær


                       Adventurous Performance with the H.C. Andersen Parade

                       Members of the Funen Opera will sing

                       Allingham Dance Team

22.00-00.00   Music and Dance from Round Scene in Odeon Foyer with the
                      Jazz Band “Odense  Banden”

Sunday 16th August

09.30             Final Service in Odeon Store Sal

                      Preacher - Bishop Tine Lindhardt

11.15             Summary of Friday’s 4 Forum Sessions

11.45             Presentation of the World Convention 2022 in the USA

12.15            Closing Ceremony

12.45            Hand out of “to-go-bags” 

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