Conference Facilities

Conference facilities

Y’s Men International Convention 2020 is to be held at the ODEON the new hall for music, theatre, and conventions in Odense.

The ODEON is one of the largest conference and event halls in Odense and is a unique choice for all sorts of events. The ODEON offers excellent stage and convention facilities, with 1740 seats or standing room for 3000 in the “Store Sal” (arena). The ODEON is one of the largest cultural establishments in all of Denmark.

The locality in Odense with only 5 minutes to the railway station and approximately 15 minutes to the highway (E20) the ODEON offers a unique meeting and conference center right in the heart of the city. The participants can enjoy the local shops, a breath of history at Sortebrødre Torv (Blackfriar Square), and the newly established surroundings in the area of the ODEON.

Brand new convention center in the

middle of Odense – the town of fairytales

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